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Paintless dent repair

Welcome to the Dent Lion, Houston’s best, most reputable auto paintless dent repair – removal company. Paintless dent removal is the fastest, highest quality process for removing dings and dents from your vehicle. Paintless dent repair, also known as PDR is an extremely specialized method that utilizes state of the art tools and techniques designed to gain access behind the damaged panel. Applying pressure to the dented areas to meticulously massage, manipulate and reform the metal back into its pre-accident condition.

The PDR difference.

Our paintless dent repair technicians do not hide your damage, instead, we remove it from the backside of the panel without the use of paint fillers (body putty), sanding or repainting the vehicle. Panels are not painted, requiring blending into adjacent panels in order to match paint color. PDR is the preferred “go to method” for removing dings and dents from your vehicle’s exterior. It’s also the only form of repair that retains the original body part, and factory paint finish. We understand some clients are shopping for the cheapest price. We also want to explain that paintless dent repair takes a lot of skill. So it is important to choose your PDR company based on their reputation and reviews. No matter how low the price, it won’t have any significance if the quality isn’t excellent. At Dent Lion, we take tremendous pride in perfecting our craft. Our goal is to maintain the highest quality at an affordable price.

Why Dent Lion?

Dent Lion is your Houston area paintless dent removal experts. Paintless dent repair is a mixture of artistry and craftsmanship combined to remove dents and dings from your vehicle. At Dent Lion, our experienced and highly trained technicians will repair your vehicle’s damage to the highest quality. Using state of the art tools and techniques we stay on the cutting edge of the PDR industry. We take perform every repair as if it was our own vehicle. One look at our reviews will show why Dent Lion stands out from the competition!

Is paintless dent repair cheaper than a body shop?

In most cases yes. Not having to replace expensive parts, or paint parts allows us to repair your vehicle at for less than a body shop. Getting a better repair at a cheaper price may seem too good to be true, but with paintless dent removal vs collision repair, it’s just a fact.

Why choose paintless dent repair over of a body shop?

PDR has many benefits over conventional repairs. conventional body shop repairs use body putty (BONDO) to fill in the damage. Not really repairing it, only covering it up and then painting over it. This has many drawbacks. If not done properly the filler can crack later or scratches may show through the paint in a few months down the road. This happens often enough that there is a term for it “shrinkage”. Having to paint the panel that is repaired has a lot of its own risks. Color match issues being the most common. In most cases, you will also have to “blend” the adjacent panels to hide any problems with the color not matching. All of these issues will cause your vehicles value to plummet. Also, a conventional repair will instantly void your warranty.

Paintless dent repair allows you to keep the original parts your vehicle came with from the factory. Actually repairing the panel with the paint intact there will be no color match issues or cracking of body putty down the road. Keeping your vehicles factory finish, value, and your warranty intact.

Will all the damage be gone?

I most cases you will never see the damage again. If your repair will not be 100% our technician will discuss it with you before repair begins.

How can I get a paintless dent removal estimate?

Getting an estimate is simple. Just text, email or message a photo to the experts at Dent Lion we will asses your damage and contact you with the price of the repair.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle using paintless dent removal?

It depends on the severity and location of the damage. Most repairs take one to three hours. Larger damage may take longer and will be discussed at the time of the estimate.

Do you offer paintless dent removal near me?

Dent Lion offers paintless dent removal to Houston and the surrounding area. Whether you live or work in Katy or Baytown, League City or Cleveland, we can provide the best paintless dent repair near you.


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Paintless dent removal is a delicate process and demands the best experience at all times. Dent Lion offers true practical knowledge and takes tremendous pride in our work.

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