Cars are an expensive investment that are a necessity to many of our lives. Over time your once pristine vehicle may start to show unsightly signs of age, such as rust. There are several reasons a car may begin to rust- including from minor dents and hail damage.

Causes of Rust

When your car has dents caused by minor collisions or hail damage it becomes vulnerable to the elements. In Houston, we have an exceptionally humid environment which on its own can lead to rust damage. When the humid air is paired with dents the car’s metal frame becomes more susceptible to rusting.

Do you and your family ever go to the beach? Maybe you live near the ocean? If you have dents in your car this could be a bad idea due to the air and rain around coastlines containing more salt than other areas.

If you live in a colder environment with icy roads, you may experience rust damage associated with the salt they use to deice roads in the winter.

Why Does It Rust?

All vehicles leave the manufacturer with a protected layer of auto body paint. This is what gives your car such a polished look, but it also serves as a protective coat that guards the metal of your car from harsh elements. When your car is dented it becomes more vulnerable to things like moisture and salt. This can lead to rust, which is not only terrible to look at but can lead to more serious issues such as holes in the metal body.

Paintless Dent Repair Is The Answer

Taking care of dents in a timely fashion can save you lots of money and time, not to mention increase the lifespan of your vehicle. If you want to repair rust damage you will have to pay for new car parts, which may be difficult depending on the vehicle and go without your vehicle while it is in the shop. Save yourself the hassle- call Dent Lion as soon as dents affect your vehicle. We come to your home or business and repair your dents on the spot, hassle free.

Dent Lion: Paintless Dent Repair in Houston TX

At Dent Lion we pride ourselves on offering the best mobile paintless dent removal and hail damage repairs in Houston. Our team of professional technicians specialize in paintless dent removal and hail repair. Our our services are completely mobile. Meaning we come to your location and repair, restore and renew your vehicle on site. All our repair services offer a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. Dent Lion: The King of Dent Repair.

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  • Paintless dent removal is a delicate process and demands the best experience at all times. Dent Lion offers true practical knowledge and takes tremendous pride in our work.
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